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While I regret not being able to continue as host it has be sometime since I have been able to devote the attention necessary to the site. To those who have sent mail or information to be posted and have received no response or posting of information I do apologize but working full-time has left me unable to fulfill my obligations as host. Thank you for your patience and please continue to enjoy the information that is available. Cheryl McLaughlin

Community Churches (current)

Anglican Baptist  Canada United Christian Reformed
Wesleyan Immanuel 
Lutheran Missionary 
Pentecostal Presbyterian Roman Catholic United

Surname list of Rev. Samuel Schwerdtfeger

Williamsburgh Church Records
Partial transcription of: Registers of the United Anglican
Mission of Williamsburgh, Matilda, Osnabruck, and Edwardsburgh
Thanks to Tina Gemmell for submitting her site.

Serving Dundas County and
surrounding areas.
Online links, addresses and phone numbers.

Dundas Marriages - Listing of marriages in Dundas county from various sources. 

Dundas Obituaries - recent obits from local papers as acquired.  Contributions welcome.

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Information on upcoming family reunions.
If you would like to contribute info on your family reunion, email me with the particulars of your event  A form will be made available in the future.

User Contributions

Contribute Information - Do you have Dundas information you'd like to contribute?? Click here.
View User Contributed Information on marriages, births and deaths in Dundas County.

Tidbits and Tall Tales

Do you have a story, legend or other interesting info that you'd like to share?? Send it here.

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Photo Album

Do you have pictures of people or places in Dundas County? Please share them with us.

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Dundas County Query - for Dundas county only! Submit your own query and view queries posted by others. If you're not sure of the location please go to the Ontario GenWeb Query page (linked below)
GenConnect Global Surname Search
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Fee Services: Researchers, etc.

Canadian Reunions - a company that specializes in locating lost relatives, friends, birth parents and adoptees. This company is now offering free registration and postings although I believe there is a fee to retrieve the information.
Settlers of Upper Canada CD-Rom available for purchase. - History Alive Series - A interactive multimedia excursion through the peculiar and fascinating events of our past. *If anyone has seen this could you please send a critique.*



Morewood Virtual Museum
The Canadian County Atlas Digital Project
Post 1901 Census Project  - Please visit this page to learn how you can help gain the release of further Canadian census information.
LDS Family Search Site
Historic Plaques of Ontario
Ontario Cemetary Finding Aid (OCFA) - searchable cemetary transcription database.
1871 Census of Ontario Searchable Database
The Old Eastern District Web Index - link to Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Historical Society. Canadian Genealogy and History Links - many, many links.
Ontario Maps
The Recorder and Times Vacation Guide contains some interesting historical notes on Dundas County as well as others.
Ontario Public Libraries
Ontario Wills and Estate Records
Cornwall LACAC (Heritage Cornwall)
National Archives of Canada
National Library of Canada
Library of Congress (US)
Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders History
Encyclopedia Titanica - read about Hudson Allison of Chesterville and his family, travelling as
1st Class Passengers aboard the Titanic. This site includes passenger lists and pictures..

Personal Pages

*This section is for a listing of personal home pages so that everyone can share their info and we can perhaps all benefit. If you have roots in Dundas County and would like your page linked here please send me an email containing your web address.*

Steinbrecher Family Tree
Beach and Gray in Dundas County
Shaver and Schwerdfeger
Barkley and Bogart in Dundas County
Casselman Ancestral Society - information for Casselman descendants.
Cryan Family Tree
Genealogy Tales - contains Cook family in Dundas County.
Gordier Family Tree
Gemmell & Walker Genealogies - contains information about the Staley family of Matilda Twp., Dundas Co.
Roots! - Dundas surnames include Harper, McLeod, McLaughlin.
Porteous Family Page

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